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Things said in the workplace, part 502131032

Rev. Nice Super: "You're sugar and spice ... and
everything that rhymes with 'gas'. ... You're missing
the big picture here: you're sugar and spice!"

Vocabulary words for the workplace: "obstreperous",
which I fairly accurately defined as like obnoxious,
except with more noise. (This was most recently
applied to King of Birdbrains.) Etymology fun:
"stroppy" is probably derived from "obstreperous".

Standing. On his chair.

Rev. Nice Super is appending "And that's a scientific
fact!" to everything he says around here. (update:
he's just declared that he's going to say that after
everything he says today, to give his statements more
credibility. I pointed out that he undermined his
credibility by saying things that weren't scientific
facts were. "That's fine. ... and that's a scientific

Pet language peeve: "racial" for "racist". (And that's
a scientific fact.)

One thing I like about this workplace: there are
debates. Usually, these feature lots of fallacious
arguments, and those are usually committed by Rev.
Nice Super and Cute Geek Super.

Rev. Nice Super used to throw ninja stars at his
friends. The cops told him that he shouldn't do this.
Rev. Nice Super's childhood stories are somewhat
scary, and rather out of character for his current

I need to get in on some of the good happy workplace
shoulder-rub action. I'm new, you see, and I'm a
little standoffish. (And that's a scientific fact.)

Stress levels today: down. Work has chilled out (it's
Sunday morning) and I think I'll have enough time,
help, and boxes to move in a timely fashion, and all
the overtime from work is doing nice things in the
paycheck, and the work schedule itself is going to
calm down, and I'm working Sunday morning. And
Darkside is my rock. And I've told him so. And Figment
seems to make a good back-up local
stable-person-to-stress-to, and has Evil Genius good
advice that makes me laugh. So, stress go poof.

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