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In which the Lunatic trains towards a supervisory position, and rants about spreadsheets

Stressmonkey time. Supervisor training involves both a lot of things that I already have down pat, plus a bewildering portfolio of things that I haven't the foggiest about, exacerbated by the fact that things that should have been done with a spreadsheet starting sometime in the last century are still conducted with -- get this -- huge-ass ancient CALCULATORS. I mean, I can see the having of calculators about to back up one's fancy-pants computer system, or perform random calculations at the drop of a hat that don't merit firing up ye olde computer machine, but ... for routine daily calculations involving a metric assload of percentages with repetitive calculations? Good gods.

This, of course, is largely because the majority of the supervisory staff either hasn't met spreadsheets in all their glory, or consider them a specialized operation somehow unrelated to daily functionality. I'm surprised, though, that the Heavy Geek Contingent hasn't introduced spreadsheets to the rest of the staff and made loud noise about how awesome they are and all and all.

You really should not have to enter the same number in the same position in an equation more than twice. Let alone four to five times. Let clearly alone NINE times, which is what I was doing today. Oh, yes, spreadsheets shall be introduced posthaste. People ignorant of the function of spreadsheets shall be introduced to them.

And I shall become as awesome a check-in person as the Check-In Princess. I have foreseen it.

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