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Vocabulary resource, congratulations & joy both specific and broadband

Dictionary of Difficult Words

I'm finding a surprising number of unfamiliar words, so I'm eagerly going through this. Bad user interface, as it isn't designed for reading from beginning to end, and they really should have anticipated that, perhaps listing a good ten words and their meanings on the same page with skips to the next and previous pages, but eh. Tabbed browsing is a Good Thing.

In marginally related news, even with all the stressmonkey things going on, it's great to hear that there are things of unambiguous joy going on in the universe. Congratulations are due to all involved parties in any of the applicable events. (Vague much, Reverend Lunatic? Given as there are a good two or three things I can think of that apply off the top of my head? I know I've tendered my congratulations in person to at least two parties over separate items within the past 24 hours alone, and there's probably more going on that I'm a little too vague in the head to think directly about... )

So, if there's something you're particularly happy over that you're just bursting to tell someone about, whether you have already or not, feel free to go "Wheeeeee!" over it to me, either in comments so everyone can celebrate with you, or privately. Even if you feel you must be maddeningly non-specific...

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