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Someone in glamourbombs pointed out that Target had $1 wings. Score! I wandered over in the direction of the closest local Target and obtained two pair (one pink, one blue), and also took the opportunity to investigate the GIANT BOOK SALE!!! in the unit next door. I scored Drowned Ammet, a For Dummies guide on romance writing, and Preternatural 3. Now I just have to get the other three books in the one series and the second book in the other.

I showed up be-winged to writing group, having worn said wings all through my errands before that. Writing group did not bat an eye.

J wound up reading bits from her novel-in-progress, and we went over the characters in detail. We're trying to get it so the eventual reconciliation between the Heroine and the Swain does not go down the wrong way with the reader; the reader should not be wanting to pitch the book out the window, at the Heroine, or at the author. Much debate was had, and everyone was happy.

After that, the dinner. It was small, and lots of chick-talk was had. After that, some happy surfing as I got J's wireless internet card talking to the Willow House wireless connection and shared metaquotes and my own journal with her.

Evidently someone who's knowledgeable about computers and has a compulsive, yet user-friendly, drive to share said knowledge, is a person much in demand and much appreciated. It's a passion, and people like it. Go figure.

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