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Nicknames & Clients

Now that I'm at supervisory level, even though I've not got the job title "supervisor" (I'm still officially a Phone Goon Dragged Off The Phones Because We Need the Bloody Help Already, though in politer corporate-ese), I wind up hearing more of who the clients are. Phone goons aren't officially told who the clients are, though in some cases it's very possible to make educated guesses.

Since it would also be foolish for me to actually mention the client names in the journal, because this is a very public space and the company would be so very not pleased for me to be telling the world about their clients and what I think of them, tygerr has hit on an excellent idea for nickname bases.

Everyone probably knows by now that I'm a fan of lmbujold. (For those who aren't familiar with the author, she writes science fiction and fantasy, and has 4 Hugo Awards for best novel, 1 Hugo for best novella, and assorted other awards including a Nebula and all.) One of the planets she's created is called Jackson's Whole, a seedy little inhospitable place populated with a number of criminal and semi-criminal Houses, most of whom sound far too much like mafiosi gone corporate. On Jackson's Whole, you can buy anything that money can pay for. There are probably former spamlords on Jackson's Whole. Nothing is illegal there.

With that in mind, I think I shall start nicknaming specific clients after assorted Nexus corporations. The Durona Group has a few surveys with us. House Ryoval is a major client.

When I've got time to re-read, I'll start picking out appropriate names for the other clients. A couple comconsole companies do stuff with us, and I don't think LMB ever gives us brand names there. So, probably, BetaComm, or something...

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