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Things to do:

Pack. Especially, get the things off the shelves in the closet, get the shelves out of the closet, and pick out clothes for the next two weeks, to be washed as necessary, and pack the entire rest of them up. Also, pack dishes and pantry items. And the altar. Coming in on the home stretch, woman.

Confirm moving dates with office.

Get time off from work, and arrange for it to be paid time off. W000, the paid time. And if we keep working this hard, the rest of our paid time off, 40 more lovely hours to take, will be our hours in six months, and six months is not a long time. And we've already started accumulating towards that next week off.

Confirm people to help with the hauling and carrying.


In copious spare time, finish Home Movies from the Cutting-Room Floor, bake cookies, start new novel, start editing Home Movies and Necromancer's Prayer, rewrite Ectogenesis, write up several more weird things to put in The Pair, and start drafting out Plan C. Oh, and scrub apartment top to bottom so they won't have to. As much. Sheesh, how much grunge can one apartment collect in 4 years? We're about to find out firsthand. Eeesh.

Arrange some time, some nice peaceful one-on-one face-time, with our bondmate, the one who cares for us very much and is starting to wonder if we're not overworking ourselves.

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