Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Good day, bad day.

Bad day: work was hell, and I wound up leaving early. My brain was not there. Guess who forgot feminine products this morning? Guess who needed feminine products this morning? Hellooo Bitchy Witchy Week.

Good day: after I pulled my brain back together somewhat, enough to be semi-functional (after an hour talk with Darkside), took the *(*&(*(#@$*((* painkillers (cramps are absolutely no fun), I wound up going grocery shopping with trystan_laryssa, who was taking a very grouchy and gimpy Loren. Loren on her own has a formidable grouch-potential. Ill and injured Loren needs a SWAT team. Despite the grouch-factor, there was a lot of silliness and assorted other fun.

After that, we wound back up at trystan_laryssa and dustraven's. Figment was there. Figment gives backrubs and doesn't set off my perimeter alerts even when I'm having a really bad day. That was good.

Two different people at work have now asked if Figment and I are brother and sister. trystan_laryssa told us that today too. Odd.

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