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A healthy helping of WTF!?!? (in other words, sad news about Hunter S. Thompson)

Hunter S. Thompson is dead, evidently suicide. link via metaphorge; I found the news item originally through bbcnewsworld.

He was one of the writers I regret never having met. A notice to all readers: if you have a favorite author, and a safe, sane, and financially sound opportunity to meet them, do so. I never went out of my way to look for an opportunity to meet him; I didn't even really think about it. But he was one of the people I think I would have enjoyed having a group dinner with during a con, and I regret that no future opportunities, barring the possibility of hoax/scientific miracle/sacred miracle, will arise.

In homage, I offer a link to the best send-up of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas I've ever found, by the Temple ov thee Lemur:

Fear and Loathing in the Millenium Dome

and also metaphorge's re-post of Thompson's position on politicians.

Also, in news crucial to all fans/fanficcers of Warner Brothers media: an important Warner Brothers lawsuit. (Thanks for the heads-up, ataniell93!)

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