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My day today:

Stuff whacked me over the head in the morning. I opted to stay home and get on with the packing/organizing.
After starting that, I went out and got the battery. Yay, battery.
After that, I organized some more, then wound up going off to get necessities like a decent working plunger (the old one's not particularly functional, and not worth moving).
After that, manic packing, and some plans for tomorrow.

Not a very exciting day.

Last night, I talked with sionainn for a good chunk of time, with updates on the current state of the Lunatic (Arizona) and other fun things like that.

The loud-music-people are blaring their radio or whatever it is that they've got on, very loudly. I can hear "Every breath you take" clearly through my closed window. I'll be glad to get a new assortment of night noises.

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