Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

high on life

Are you there, Universe? It's me, Joanie.

I know that sometimes we have our disagreements about things, and sometimes I know we don't get along as we should, especially when I'm pitching a fit about the curveballs you've thrown in my direction most recently.

But you know what? Even when life gets chaotic and my brain starts to go numb, I thrive on the variety and the action. I like having things in my life stirred-up enough so that the interesting things come out. I could do without the emotional stress sometimes, and I know that I never like it when my friends are in distress of any sort, but ...

... a pyromaniac can either be a firestarter or a firefighter. A drama addict can either be a sorry sonofabitch who stirs up trouble on purpose, or a person who does their best to heal hurt where they find it. It's not black and white, because it never is, but someone's essential nature will always point them towards one end of the spectrum or another. All my bondmates are healers of one type or another. That's why I love them so much. They could use their talents for ill. They don't.

At any rate, holy crap what a few weeks this has been. I've gone from utterly blindsided to confused to homicidal to suicidal to felicidal all within the space of not particularly very long at all. The universe spins me, and I spin with it, and even though I get dizzy, I don't want the dance to stop.

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