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End of the Road

The maintenance witch was understanding about the problems that happen when you've got a jackass vs. the wall, but there's probably still going to be a bit of hassle.

Figment responded to my somewhat-stressed message on his machine and came over to haul a few more things. Now it's almost all over but packing up computer/phone/lamp/alarm clock, giving the place a vacuuming, getting a shower, and those few last-minute things that you say "Oh, right..." about just when you think you were supposed to be done.

My brain's not all here, but I had a frappucino and the maintenance witch gave me ibuprofen. Figment's coming back after he gets through with dinner, and we can move this last residue of stuff.

I think the last thing that I'm going to be taking care of is the seals.

Figment's going to be back any time now, so I think I'll vacuum before I shower, as while it's vastly unsociable to shower while you have a guest present, it's even less social to be in the shower and unable to hear them knock when they show up. The antisociability index of showering while a guest is present goes down if the guest is near unto family, and also will be using the shower ...

Figment's here, and we've been moving stuff, cleaning, and collapsing exhausted and talking about matters both esoteric and romantic: Figment has become a part of the "set the Lunatic up with the Maniac" conspiracy.
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