Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Willow House

I've been without internet for almost 24 hours. I've got so very much to say in my head, and so very little coherent words to put on paper.

The computer was the last thing out of the old apartment and the last thing in to the new apartment. When I got Thalia through the door, I declared, "This apartment is now a home." There was much giggling and unpacking and silliness.

I had an unexpected prompt to examine who, exactly, I ought to be a cleric of, based on my clerical skills. So I started going over my clerical skills. "Let's see... I listen to people, I have these divinitory insights, and ... oh, fuck." I started laughing and hid under a blanket and wouldn't come out for a while.

Turns out that while Eris and Aphrodite may not be speaking to each other very often, they're both talking to me. Oy vey?

I got paperwork done this afternoon, and got a surprising amount of stuff put away. I'm feeling surprisingly adult through all this. I'm 24 years old, I've been raising a child for the past four years, I'm holding down a decent job with a shiny-new supervisory position (yikes!), and I've got more steady writing done in the past while than in a long time.

My head's falling apart right now, and I can't focus on anything. I've been 'net-deprived all day, and I've had posts brewing to type up and queue, but Thalia hasn't been booted up all day, and I've not been productive all day.

I should probably be over helping dustraven and trystan_laryssa, but I haven't gotten up the non-pain in the legs or the motivation to do that. I probably need to get back home, because I have a lot of unpacking to do.

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