Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Housewarming (apartmentwarming?)

After work, went over for the housewarming party. Things didn't get started until late-ish, so I had to bow out as Galadriel was talking about things which have ... not yet come to pass.

trystan_laryssa and her roommate pointed out a cute little side effect of a certain framed poster that Figment and I weren't aware of: the fact that the plastic cover sheet made a very good mirror pointing at the kitchen where we thought we were standing out of sight. It's things like this that have made us very, very determined that we will not demonstrate the new heights of not-on-task we've discovered while we're within hollering range of the work site. Imagining the looks on Pink Shirt Guy and Really Old Lady Monitor's faces is funny, but not that funny.

Today at work, I trained for supervisor, then was snagged off to monitor. They were short monitors today because two people didn't come in, and then it was a short shift. Whee, short shift. Sort of.

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