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Phones are good things.

Called Darkside. Yay, Darkside. 17 minutes. Updated him on a good chunk of the stuff going on, especially the bit where he's the emergency contact should I utterly flip out of my mind and start trying to destroy chunks of my soul. (Unlikely to happen, but since I have a history of some very funky depressive episodes, I don't ever want to be in a position where I am WITHOUT an emergency contact who knows how to talk me down/take me down in case I go off the deep end.)

TMI was exchanged.

Told Darkside more about my evil twin, and reminded him that if it ever comes down to it, a Best Friend beats an Evil Twin any day. Just so, you know, he'll know who comes first. Still. Always.

I'm still operating on a severe Darkside deficiency. I didn't get half enough time with him last weekend (moving), I didn't get half enough time with him this weekend (he was busy, he's exhausted) and I won't get half enough time with him next weekend (he has plans with old friends).

Also, what the hell is it with people's friends getting married off all of a sudden?

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