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Fwd: 12 Star Wars Pick-Up Lines

Credit has been lost in forwarding process. Seen in the old Sith Academy e-mail list, printed, and typed up again so that I can throw out the paper, as the paper's been hanging up on my wall for a good three and a half years and has gotten a little gross. This is from the Phantom Menace era, naturally. Yoda-speak has been corrected for grammar.
Top 12 Pick-Up Lines Used by Star Wars Fans

12. Hey, beautiful! What's a nice girl you doing waiting in line without bathing for 12 days?
11. Your place or my Mom's?
10. I ... uh ... ummm ... I ... uh ... *slaps own forehead* Stupid! STOO-pid!
9. You're even prettier than my fantasy girlfriend.
8. I may look like an Ewok, but I'm all Wookie where it counts, baby!
7. Date, or date not: there is no 'just friends let's be'!
6. If you only knew the power of the Dork Side.
5. How's about a long time of Joe, in a bedroom not far away?
4. Nice buns, princess! On your head, that is.
3. Honey, you've been looking for love in Aldaraan places!
2. If I said you had a mint first-edition, still-in-the-box action figure, would you hold it against me?
1. I'm gonna be an evil warlord when I grow up. Want a Milk Dud?

I get the bonus points for having used #10 (on ralmathon), and getting back #7, though it was "date not". (Just friends we are now, yes.)

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