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Shelves, cupboards, dishes, blinds

A few weeks ago, I got a small shelf to put together, reasoning that I always needed more places to put things. Today, I pulled it out to try to put together.

Naturally, several of the screws have jammed, wishing to go neither forward nor back. Grr. I have a Gnome, though (Figment's character class involves always being able to have the right tools to fix stuff), and that will probably result in things becoming unstuck.

Today is the day when the cupboards are supposed to be installed. Today, also, come the vertical blinds on the glass balcony doors. Perhaps the dishwasher will be re-installed.

Of course, I haven't had enough sleep.

Naturally, this means that I had to clear off the counter, wash the dishes, and so on and so forth. Figment will be coming over in a bit so at least one of us can be conscious; after everything here is settled, we'll go and help him dredge through the mail he hasn't been touching. (Poor guy.)

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