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Eventful Evening

Figment came over so someone would be conscious while the repair party arrived. The repair party never did arrive, but he successfully constructed the shelf that was giving me so much trouble. I got a much-needed nap. We went out on a shopping expedition, then went over to his place to sort through the mail that had started to eat his living room.

He's not much for remembering routine tasks at this point. He went through mail, and I sorted mail by rough category: Definitely an Ad, magazine, possibly junk mail, and possibly real mail. Then he went through mail and I attacked his kitchen floor. It wasn't the worst part of things, but it was the most visible, and the kitchen looked hella better after the floor was mopped and the kitchen rug was washed. It's the little things, and he's been letting the little things slide. (This is why he's got all of us looking after him.) He went through mail and we listened to the Tom Lehrer album with "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park", among other gems.

Weird stuff ensued, much like some very weird LARP events that had happened with trystan_laryssa's character and his character, except this was ... not characters. Then he asked what everybody thought of what-all was going on, and we had to ask Naomi, who was actually in her room in tears. She was upset over the usual misunderstandings that happen when an eighteen-year-old is involved, but she wound up coming out to talk to Figment and get to know him a little better.

They wound up talking for a couple hours, or that's what it felt like. She's decided that she likes him. Furthermore, she was able to articulate why Figment and Darkside need to meet fast: Darkside needs to go as fast as possible from being jealous of Figment to getting to know Figment and realizing that Figment is actually not a threat to him. If Darkside is left both liking Figment and thinking that Figment has a chance at my whole heart, things do not bode well at all, for Darkside is both a scaredy-cat and a gentleman. Figment will make very quick work of the idea that he and I will be anything other than evil twins long-term once he meets Darkside, but until then, I worry.

List-making: I need to hack away on my list of attributes I want from an ideal mate, and also the list of things I can do to make myself attractive to same (for example, to get an emotionally honest man, I need to work on my own emotional honesty). Figment had been convinced that having Darkside make a list was necessary, and Naomi figured out what the list was: not necessarily a list of his own requirements for figuring out his own romantic requirements, but the list of attributes that he thinks a lifemate of mine needs to have. In this way, I can look over it and check it against reality, or perhaps even realize a few things that he knows me to need that I haven't been thinking of.

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