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Dreamed about being part of a fire squad, and going into a library, and getting a fire emergency call that was some genetically engineered cross between killer bees and butterbugs and piskies (the type that probably catch on fire), and having to clear the whole place out. There was a Q around, one who was trying to distract me from my mission by stopping time to get it on with me. I made it very clear to him that even though he could stop time, now was neither the time nor the place for him to get busy with me, and he wasn't a bondmate to boot.

There was stuff with driving around on complicated roads trying to find the right place, and that was weird.

Figment was in the dream. I'm not sure if it was actually him or a construct of my mind representing him. (I'm so very glad that Naomi's getting along with him now. She's really quiet when she comes out around strangers. She's really quiet in general, except when she's hyper. She wasn't hyper this time. I am wondering if everyone's going to go triphasic on me. )

I was trying to give proof of age to get into this club. I was 29, evidently. It was similar to the place in a past dream that was cross between a bookstore and Purgatory, or something like that.

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