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Joy to Construction

It's Friday, and there's been no sign of anything resembling cabinets or vertical blinds or fun with the dishwasher all day. Granted, I was out for a few hours in the afternoon, but I did grant permission for them to come in if I wasn't there, and there was nothing hanging on the door telling me that they'd missed me and could I please let them know when I'd be back ASAP so they could get this all fixed.

I've got to go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight, because I have work in the morning, but right now I am so very bored. I have accomplished basic shopping. I could theoretically keep unpacking and clean things, but I'm very much not motivated to do that. I need to wash laundry, but that could happen any time tonight, or possibly even tomorrow. There's no real rush.

Phoenix has hit with the heat, and I don't think the management has the cooling system active yet. *checks* No, no cooling yet. It's somewhere upwards of 75°F in here, and that's hot enough so that I'm getting the sort of headache that feels like an icepick in my brain.

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