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At least a decinelson of work

I've got a right stubborn bondmate, I do. It's going to take a whole lot of convincing to get him to change his mind about anything. I suppose, of course, the way to go about it is not to change his mind, but to point out to him what he already thinks. I can't, actually, change his mind. He has to do that for himself.

That's the trouble with so many of the workings out there that were aimed at removing the Shrubbery from office. So many of them were trying to accomplish with many millinelsons something that it would probably take a few hectonelsons to accomplish. If you've only got millinelsons to work with, and you can't move what you're trying to move, you're not prying in the right spot. It's not the amount of force that matters, it's the precise positioning of what force you have got. Or something.

I wound up explaining the phone derangement to Figment last night. He unexpectedly triggered it, see. He got in from game a bit late and called. Silly Figment. Of all people to call, though, he was one of the few who can trigger a derangement and then make sure I'm back to baseline afterwards.

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