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Home Improvement (theory, practice, and a bad set of lungs)

I've been putting stuff away, slowly but surely. There are things that belong in the cupboards that aren't up yet, so that will have to wait until the people actually install the cupboards. It's a maze of a Rube Goldberg apartment, almost -- there are things that need to be done so other things can be done, and nothing can get done until a few crucial pieces are in place.

In order to get under-bed storage, I need a bed. In order to have a bed, I need to put the thing together. I will need help to put the thing together. I will probably call upon my Evil Twin (who's now a brother by his custom and mine, if not by law, biology, or rearing) for help, sometime when the two of us aren't terribly exhausted. With any luck, it'll be a time when we can happily wander off to the hot tub afterwards.

In order to get the use of the top of the little drawers in the corner, I need to clear the under-bed storage boxes off the top. See previous item about under-bed storage.

Unpacking dishes will either be a dreadful chore stretching out for days, or something easy done in a matter of minutes on either end, depending on when the dishwasher goes live. The dishwasher is currently out of commission. There are currently at least two boxes of dishes awaiting deployment. Many of them will probably take up residence in the top of the inaccessible cabinet, for the simple reason that I do not have enough household to warrant the amount of dishes I have. First, of course, I have to clear off the top of the refrigerator so I can then put things in there...

I cannot currently lift boxes weighing more than a certain threshold amount, lest I turn blue and fall over on the floor immediately, or lest I turn pale green and wish I were fallen over on the floor for the next half-hour, generally while coughing in abject misery. This goes double for lifting things repeatedly, or up onto high tippy places.

I think I've worked out where I'm going to put the coffee table, once I finally have a place to put the coffee table. I think the coffee table should go somewhere in the heap of crud that was supposed to have been close to the dining area. I'm very proud of myself for actually having a coffee table. I'm very proud of myself for having my own apartment. I just need more storage space, more bookshelves, and a few fewer mathoms.

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