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Images to make...

"We want our island back." -- the snakes

I'm now seeing the mental image of a complex Celtic knot, scaled and with a snake's head and tail, probably either a star shape or a shamrock shape knot, with the legend, "Irish, Pagan, and Proud", or some such thing. I could actually see a star-knot snake being done in enamel and being very, very gorgeous and subtle and hilarious.

My father tells that two Fayoumis-clan brothers came over at the time of the potato famine. My paternal line clan is Scotch-Irish. My maternal line clan is Finnish. I've got the fair skin and the dark brown hair.

I've conducted a mental search of my closet and concluded that really, I may well not have anything that's strictly green to wear today. Eeep. I do have a button-up dry-clean-only skirt that has red flowers and green leaves on it; I should wear that, with a pretty soft velour top and perhaps green beads in my hair.

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