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more dead car

Car gets towed Tuesday morning: the wrecking company is backed up. The office here at the apartments is not especially long on the communications aspect of things, the talking to each other part of being a team.

The one guy with the buzzcut and the sunglasses came to the door to tell us that our car was going to get towed if we didn't do something (in the form of neighborly service rather than being a meanie and *not* telling us) so I went to the office and told the Queen of the Complex the situation, namely that the car was dead, the car was impossible to move due to its being stuck permanently in "Park", but we had already called the wrecking company, and they were coming to pick it up, but as they were so incredibly backed up, they would not be here until Tuesday. The lady said that it was all good as long as it was going to get towed anyway and we kept her up to date on the situation; they'd been wondering whose car it was.

Sis crashed into the King of the Complex some four or so hours later, who still hadn't heard that a) it was our car and b) that it was to be left alone until Tuesday so that the *proper* company could tow it the hell out. She straightened things out, though, fortunately.

My nephew still hasn't grasped the concept that Hawk (the car) isn't going to get better. Maybe he'll get it a little more thoroughly when she finally gets towed. I'm writing him a Book of Racecars, and I'm going to include the story of how Alan came to help fix Hawk, and then Hawk started feeling a little better, but she was still feeling old and tired and very sick, so Alan and Mommy sent her to the Summerlands, where she would be happy and able to race as much as she wanted. Maybe that'll help him understand.

I kissed the car goodbye Friday morning when I headed off to school. She and I had some very good times, for all that I only met her just this past November. I'd never met a lesbian car before. Sis and I figured out that this was the case after Hawk started grabbing my butt so much. (Rearview mirror, jeans pocket. You do the choreography.) Since Hawk had such a bad attitude towards men, all men, including her boyfriend, Sis figured that Hawk had to be a lesbian.

We had some damn good times, the five of us. Sis, my nephew, our best friend the gentleman, me, and Hawk. It was good. It was very good.

I'll see you in the Summerlands, Hawk. Blessed be.
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