Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


Not everything about work is sunshine and roses, of course. Today, I was ever so happy to find out that when I tried to log in and check my e-mail, that someone had proceeded to try a bad password three times on my account, naturally making it so that it locked out. Gee, person-who-did-that, when you noticed it was a bad password the first time, couldn't you have checked to make sure you had the right bloody login name? And as a courtesy, couldn't you have sent off an e-mail to IT telling them you'd locked some user, name of azuref, out of her account? Huh?


Also, dear new phone goon, I don't know what your damage is, but with that many people hanging up on you, there's something wrong. *sigh* Not like there's much that *I* can do to help without listening in.

Do I get to go back on the phones today? I can utterly kick ass on the Dendarii Brewing Company job...

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