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World down. Try again later.

Went to writing group. Had gotten all of my morning pages but only 2 out of 5 pages of cuttingrmfloor finished. Had fun anyway.

Did some writing exercises with the group. I managed a hilarious and gross piece on the prompt "Write a character in a struggle with Nature. They are equally matched, and it is uncertain which is going to win. It need not be a life-threatening situation: for example, it could be a battle with a mosquito."

The traditional dinner afterward wound up at IHOP this time. We've been experimenting, and are trying to find a new home base for our odd meanderings. Much gossip was gossiped, and much fun was had. I'm still tripping out over stuff. easalle and I talked about details of some of the Weird Stuff in my life that's been going on, and she had insights that were definitely dead-on with the current weirdness, and very useful in helping try and make sure that the current weirdness does not turn into some sort of giant devouring space amoeba. Or, er, Amoeba. *dodges sidelong glance from tygerr* She wound up actually meeting Figment in a very unscheduled fashion. I think they hit it off reasonably well.

This is going to hit late, because the internet here is now down for obscure reasons unknown to me (namely, I can't ping anything outside of Mordor the router, and I'm too tired to call tech support), so thanks to the wonders of Semagic, I'll queue it, and one hopes the connection will be back up by the time I'm back up in the morning.

Braincrash, mild, was had this evening. Despite precautionary measures.

One Figment was invited to Gmail. One Figment must meet a certain Darkside yesterday or sooner, now. Life is ... yeah. Life is ... interesting. Life has officially smacked us upside the head. Did you know that when evil twins meet, there's this sort of little energy vortex thing that has to evidently happen? And the universe wants to implode and take all the things closest to the evil twins with it.

I shudder to think how many other pairs of evil twins there are out there meeting now, given that Interesting Times are being had by all and sundry (from various reports).

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