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Things about Work

One of the concerns about being an Evil Twin who works with her Evil Twin is, of course, behaving in a professional manner at work to the other Evil Twin. Figment and I seem to be doing very well at not taking over the world on company time acting in a professional manner in each other's company.

I barged in a minute after I was technically supposed to be in (but four minutes before I would have officially been Late had I been supervising today) and I was flagged down by the Office Lady, who handed me an official-looking Internal Memo. I got the apprehension. How much trouble was I in this time?

No trouble at all, it turned out! My pay raise (of $0.50 an hour, which works out to a conservative estimate of $30/paycheck with the hours I've been working, though it will be more when I get more hours) went live on the 7th, so I'll be seeing the results of that in the paycheck that I'll be getting sometime later today. Whee! This makes me happy.

I was on the phones again today. The Check-In Princess put me on the same job that Figment was on, a job that calls the East Coast exclusively, and we had a lot of fun. I was sitting next to Trader Joe's Queen Monitor, and we had a great old time chatting when the dialer was slow.

The dialer went down this afternoon. I was so very glad that I wasn't a supervisor today, because I'd have been paranoid about making it crash.

I'm still befuddled by the idea of being thought of as pretty and popular. I wasn't supposed to be pretty and popular, was I?
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