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Yay, panicky Lunatics.

If ever I needed a sign that I need this panic-thing fixed...

My next-door neighbor knocked on my door slightly after seven, with a knocking pattern that I interpreted as urgent. I leaped out of bed and to the door, having gained caution on the way to the door (my peep-hole doesn't work, and I didn't recognize the knock) and she started off, "I'm your next-door neighbor and ... "

Evidently she then got a good look at me, in my nightgown, half-asleep, but radiating the ability to deal with emergencies.

"... never mind," she said, and wandered off before I could collect the words to let her know that since she'd woken me up, I might as well know what the heck she was needing or wanting.

I spent the next half-hour trying to calm down from the shakes so I could go back to sleep.

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