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Hooray for Work: going home early

Today started out like a brilliant day at work: I showed up on time, and got my account re-set so that I can now log in and check my e-mail. This is a crucial function of the work computer profile. I troubleshot my last time's problem, and after logging out as myself, logged in as the generic supervisor account and logged out, so no one would ham-handedly lock out my account by giving it three wrong password attempts again.

I wound up on the phones, and was utterly delighted when I discovered that Figment, while not right next to me, was across from me and down a few, so that he and I could occasionally make faces at each other across the aisle. I was on the Dendarii Brewing Company survey by myself, and got one interview. The dialer was delightfully timely -- it wasn't so slow that I was sitting bored, but it had perhaps thirty seconds between calls on average, so I was quietly and happily writing to myself while working diligently and sounding ever so cheerful and professional on the phones.

Then disaster struck.

I'm not sure what Cute Geek Super did, but the dialer suddenly sped up massively. Instead of hearing a beep, getting a call connected, dealing with the call, waiting for five to thirty seconds, getting another beep, and getting the next call, the calls were coming so fast upon the heels of the last call being dealt with that we were no longer hearing the beep, and most of the calls we were getting were dead air, as the people who'd been on the other end of the line had long hung up. You had to turn your phone off in order to log out, which you're not supposed to have to do.

This kept up for an hour and a half before it slowed down for a blessed fifteen minutes -- before speeding up again! trystan_laryssa, dustraven, several others and I were up every ten to fifteen minutes telling Cute Geek Super that it was still bad, bad, bad, wrong, and evil. Cute Geek Super called IT; IT did not call back. By the time break came around for us 1:00 pm people, I was dead-tired and near-unto brain-dead. I spent the first half of lunch break shaking and listening to Figment rant about his day so far, and the second half of lunch break clasping Figment's hand to my forehead.

"Do you think chocolate will help?" he finally asked me.
I shuffled through and discarded several possible responses (I don't think it'll help, I think I have some, you don't need to, I love you) before finally settling on the perfect one: "My hero!"
He trailed me out with him to his car, and I was given chocolate. This managed to get me through the next half-hour. The dialer was still behaving badly, so when my deadline hit and the dialer was still bad, I logged out, found the Check-In Princess (Cute Geek Super was on break) and went home.

I was shaking and incoherent by that time. I was not at all happy.

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