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Maybe it's a draw: Lunatic vs. the Lone Power, round ??

Well, that was interesting. First off, I owe outofambit a lot for putting words down in a coherent format that I could follow. I used Nita's kid sister's impassioned speech to the Lone Power as a starting point, and when the spirit so moved me, I proceeded to wade in and chuck all the resources at our disposal (love, forgiveness, sympathy, compassion, love, choice, hope, love, sympathy, love, and more love) through the Lone Power's particular avatar of the moment directly at the Lone Power.

I've sworn to do so. It was a choice I made long ago. It was a choice I made when I took the Wizard's Oath, and I hold fast to it. Thou shalt love. Anyone can fight the Lone Power, but by fighting It, you help It. I have chosen, for better or worse, so help me Gods, to love It as I do the universe and my wizardry.

Choose again. Stretch out Your hand. I love you.

I love you too.

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