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Pieces of Random

  • My co-workers have been noticing my hyperactive good mood of late. Trader Joe's Queen Monitor wanted some of my hyperactivity. I gave her chocolate-covered espresso beans.

  • I am still not sure where my faux amber "pager" ring went to. I suspect the couch cushions near my bed have something to do with it, though I know I shouldn't put that back on for at least another day.

  • I now have my work schedule for the next week. I am to hope that the oversight of me not being on the e-mail list to get same schedule has been corrected. I am a phone goon all this week, yay me.

  • Figment thinks that laser tag would be a great "getting to know you" activity to share with Darkside. Hmm.

  • Diane Duane's X-Com: UFO Defense is a very forgettable game tie-in novel, without much in the way of greatly redeeming literary value or tie-in to the rest of her universes, except perhaps for something that might be kidnapped Hortas. I own it because I saw it at Bookman's, and I am a completest, and she is a buy-on-sight author for me.

  • My plain star ring likes Figment's finger very much, and did not want to come off.

  • Kitchen cabinets still MIA. (Missing In Action, not Mia, sionainn's far-too-cute kitten.)

  • Decent plain white lined three-hole-punched college-rule binder filler paper is so much better than the really cheap stuff. I shall be avoiding the dirt-cheap stuff from now on, because the difference between smooth paper and evil grainy shreddy paper is so vast.

  • Cheap Chocolate Day has been duly celebrated. I don't tend to observe Easter, but I do observe Cheap Chocolate Day.

  • I loathe fruit flies.

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