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Priestess & Poetry

trystan_laryssa listened to a few things I had to say, and asked me if I was now, or at any point planning to be, a priestess, because of the details of said things.

Some bit ago, I got the memo that yes, I will eventually be that -- however, before that happens, I will have to do a few things. One of those things is determining which deities are in fact the ones that I'm meant to be pledged to. Even though Eris and Aphrodite both have an interest in me, and Raven and Chameleon seem to have both an interest in me -- Raven by birth, it seems, and I was marked by Chameleon recently -- I have not specifically been dedicated to a full-time devotion/service to any one or few deities.

It's something that will be happening, but it's not something that I'm in the mood to rush. I have the feeling that it's a thing that wouldn't react well to being rushed at any rate.

Tonight's writing group exercise saw me writing things to people, things I would regret not having said to them if they should die before I say them. I had a few things to say to Figment, and a lot of things to say to Darkside. When I cornered the Figment on the phone, I read his to him.

Interestingly enough, Figment had been contemplating a letter he'd like to write to Darkside, in case he should die before he ever gets the chance to meet Darkside. He'd decided against it, though, on the grounds that the things he had to say might scare Darkside off. I reviewed his proposed content, and told him that actually, honestly, the things he had to say, if they were said to Darkside posthumously, wouldn't scare Darkside off if he were actually actively interested. The only way those things could scare Darkside off would be if he weren't interested, and then, scaring him off would be unnecessary, as he'd already be edging away. The language Figment picked to express all of it was lovely, and not entirely like his usual (occasionally halting) diction. I got the feeling that there was Something working with him on it.

I've been getting a very strong inclination to have things move, and resolve themselves one way or another. There's an urgency behind it. There are time limits, time limits that could make profound differences in people's lives.

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