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Management swapped in the apartment complex within the past month. I'm not sure if I mentioned it here or not, but the resident managers, the husband-and-wife team, aren't around anymore. Someone else is in here, though the Maintenance Witch is still around, which is good news.

My cabinets are not here yet; the Maintenance Witch said they were supposed to be installed on Tuesday. Today is Friday.

I really need to get on with properly warding and blessing the place. I've been so frazzled what with the unpacking and disasters and what-not that I just haven't managed to get around to that yet, which is not a good state of affairs.

There was a wiggly step on the staircase outside my front door. That has been welded properly, so yay! Figment pointed it out to me and was worried, because someone could have gotten hurt. He can be happy again about it now.

Something bad and scary happened in my pantry with a sack of potatoes. I fortunately found them before actual damage was done to anything other than my nose. Something bad and scary also happened in the sour cream in the refrigerator. Something tells me that I'm not cooking often enough, if this is the sort of thing that will now start happening.

I'm thrilled to pieces over the idea that one of my Assignment close friendships is lasting beyond the Assignment. It happens, but not predictably. Assignment brought us close together, and we're keeping us close together now that it's over. Given that I'm sometimes Assigned to situations that involve people who are nothing like me, people who I wouldn't voluntarily spend time with outside of Assignment or other circumstance, I can't trust any association that I pick up while on Assignment until I'm off and I have a chance to independently assess their suitability to remain in my inner circles. This time, though, I think I've got a winner. I can't trust the Healing Attraction, but I can trust the bond and the Telling; the Telling was telling me that I needed this before I went and got Assigned. So that's that, then, I guess.

I was chatting about Shrimpy and his history with trystan_laryssa, and I came to yet another Shrimpy-related epiphany: if someone should fall in love with you as the result of a love potion or love spell or something like that, would you trust their love for you? Ever? Perhaps time might prove that they will keep loving you, and perhaps they'll still love you after the spell or potion should have long since worn off, but would they have started loving you without the spell or potion? Will they some day come to their senses and stop loving you? It's something that one actually has to worry about.

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