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Life happens. Lists about stuff.

I've been disappointed on several fronts today, mostly by myself.

  • I didn't go to bed on time last night.
  • It was for non-essential reasons.
  • I failed my perception roll when the alarm clock went off.
  • I forgot to take my allergy meds first thing in the morning, so I was sneezy at work, so much so that I wound up going home later.
  • I utterly failed to handle a bad social situation well.

  • Dishwasher is still non-operational.
  • Cabinets still not up.
  • Darkside was not available yesterday, and was not in today. He didn't call back.

  • The thread I have is not working well vs. the sewing machine.
  • Thalia's right mouse button clicks oddly.
  • Figment's computer looks already like it's going to be a royal pain to deal with.

On the bright side...
  • I did at least make it to work and through the majority of my shift, even though I felt like I'd been kept up all night being the stand-in for the Entwife in a Middle-Earth bukkake film.
  • I did check out the new local computer store.
  • I got a shiny lead on how to help the Figment with his computer issues.
  • The geeks at the new computer store are fun. Gamergeeks, duh.
  • Figment dropped by and offered comforting hugs. Yay hugs!
  • We're planning on assembling my futon frame tomorrow.
  • We're planning on taking a look at his computer's bits and bytes tomorrow.
  • While bad, the social situation could have been horribly much worse, and a poor personal opinion != a poor professional opinion. And I've offered reassurance on same front, though it'll probably be a case of too little, too late. *sigh*
  • I found a prettypretty picture for what I wanted to do to my journal, though I don't like the way it tiles. I'll be doing other things with it later; this here now is sufficient to make the journal look pretty. Google Image Search happened to cough up a photo that's actually from a friend of the family, so the hills in the background soothe my eye, because I know those shapes.
  • I have more hours next week, and the Check-In Princess gave me the schedule. (I still have to check my own e-mail, though.)
  • My sewing machine is set up and theoretically at least halfway operational!
  • Certain evil twins acknowledged that their religion would want me to be Dagger about 90% of the time, and that's not healthy for us.

Sad things: (of wildly varying degrees of sadness)
  • A friend of the family (not the one who took the rose picture) died this week.
  • Snogging with garnetdagger always feels like goodbye snogging.
  • I should have been asleep two hours ago.
  • I am better able to explain the Evil Dendarii Brewing Company Condensed Survey and its evil terminate points to a quasi-new employee in a way that leaves her feeling OK about the thing than the actual supervisor running the job. This is unfortunate, as the Cute Geek Super has been running that job for over a week, and I'd just been stuck on the job that same morning.
  • I sneezed at some guy on the other end of the phone four times while trying to do a survey this morning.

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