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Scenes of the Domestic Standard Lunatic

It's been a very quiet, yet very busy day. I wound up staying awake far too late because of some sleeping schedule issues, and wrapped that up with a huge angsty post about how very dreadfully I miss Darkside, and yet how very much our communications are broken so that this is difficult to fix. After that, I got some sleep. Once the sleeping was done, I proceeded to putter about online and tidy the apartment. Little by little, things are still coming together. I have faith that once I'm done, this place is going to look very nice for just as long as I have to take maybe a few quick shots of it, then it'll degenerate into screaming chaos as soon as I actually start to live here.

On the other hand, it is larger than my old room, so perhaps it'll take a while to actually make that descent.

After working on getting things in their proper places, I realized that I needed to go shopping. So I rolled a good score on my bus-fu, and wandered off shopping, not to one store, but to two. I got a lot of the spicy chicken I put on top of salads, with carrots, and then lettuce and the essential ingredients for my knockoff version of cadhla's Pyrotechnical Potato-Leek Soup (minus actual leeks and also without bacon).

I got that started up, and I chatted with people, and I worked on the novel, and I talked with a Figment. He keeps coming up with these creative ways to coax the Darkside into spending time with me. His latest proposal involved computer gaming, and that was something I shot down quickly and rather viciously. For whatever reason, I am dreadfully opposed to the thought of spending time gaming with Darkside over the internet.

For the diversion of the assorted friends list, I have shot a quick spin around my new apartment, soon to be provided with commentary:

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