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Comforts of Home

For the first time in far too long, I have a proper bedside table. My alarm clock is within easy reach. I have somewhere to set my water so I can snag it when I need it in the middle of my sleep cycle without really having to sit very far up. I have somewhere to park my glasses properly. There's even a place to set my huggy rocks.

trystan_laryssa commented on my huggy rocks: namely, I'm one of the few people she knows who can get away with a concept so incredibly contradictory so very well. She's held them, and they're very huggy indeed. She feels like just curling up and going to sleep; they're warm and comforting.

What they are is just rocks, either plain rocks or semi-precious stones, just the right shape and size to be held in the hand easily. Instead of holding a teddy bear or a favorite pillow, one holds a huggy rock. The current set are rainbow fluorite, about the size of an egg. Most of the past ones have been rose quartz. Now Naomi wants a blue one, preferably pale blue. We'll see...

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