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Unitarian Jihad

My Unitarian Jihad Name is:
Sister Neutron Bomb of Looking at All Sides of the Question.

Get yours.

This one's been making the rounds, and I must say that I like the article. I would probably make a good Unitarian, all things considered. I was raised in a secular Quaker household, which meant that while I didn't get a heavy dose of the Jesus-stuff, I did get a lot of simplicity and tolerance and kindness. Trying to get a Barbie (plastic, overmarketed, not conducive to serious creativity) meant an uphill battle both ways in the snow. Expressing an interest in building things resulted in a good-quality kid-sized tool set, and parental help at not hammering little fingers too hard. The worst trouble I ever got in as a kid was for slapping my sister. I liked the format of Meeting, with a silent meeting where you sat and were quiet unless you were moved to speak. (I wound up there only rarely, but I liked it when I did go.) I liked the idea that you should come up with your own ideas about how things worked.

I'm rather randomly pagan at the moment; I'm definitively not Wiccan, because garnetdagger (who's my more spiritual side to begin with) is not half gentle enough to qualify. (For that matter, she's also non-gentle enough to get me lovingly pointed out the error of our ways by any given Meeting group.) Of animal spirits, Raven's the one who I was raised with and who keeps a watch out for me, but Chameleon has lately cocked at least one eye in my direction. Of deities, Eris has an interest in me (representative of the Trickster & Stirring Shit Up coalition), and Aphrodite has an interest in me. I have a general idea that they map, respectively, to the Ladies Bright and Dark who I've been at least vaguely aware of since my teenage years.

I have yet to figure out where, exactly, I'm to wind up devoting myself, but ... the Unitarians have good logic. Even if there are evidently notable instances of Internal Wank.

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