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Work-fu: awesomeness, followed by actual real work

Yesterday, I got a nicely-printed card-thing declaring that I was awesome. Specifically, I was one of the top producers for the first quarter, and next week, I would be eligible to park in one of the five designated incentive winner parking spots.

I'd known that my supervisory and monitoring experience had made me better on the phones, but I hadn't expected to be within what looks to have been the top ten producers (going on logic: it's the second week of the second quarter, and they'll work their way down from the top, and there are only five parking spots, so if this is the second week, I'm in the top 10). I'm impressed!

I've been a phone goon for the past little while, and I've been feeling perhaps somewhat under-appreciated, except that there are a lot of us who are doing that, but I haven't been in the communication loop. Fortunately, the communication is getting fixed, and the College Chick Shift Ops Super came over to tell me that I'm doing check-in tomorrow. Yay check-in!!

I like having friends from work who I'm friends with outside of work. I really do.
"That innocent look doesn't look any more innocent on you than it does on me." -- me to Figment

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