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Work-Appropriate Tomato Sauce

My timing was not quite excellent enough to finagle all of break with a certain Figment, but close enough. We sat in the parking lot, perched sideways on the driver's side seats of his car, with the doors open, chatting.

Figment has a mildly gross habit of eating things like ravioli and condensed soup cold from the can. This was ravioli. He'd not thought to bring napkins, so he was teasing me that if people got the wrong idea about us sitting together, they might think that the tomato sauce on his lips was my lipstick! I pointed out that only the densest of people would be able to draw that mistaken conclusion, because I wear pink lipstick, and that was orange.

Figment being Figment, he bided his time, then caught my hand, brought it to his lips, and blotted the excess orange-tinted grease from his mouth with it! I had what was effectively an orange lipstick print on the back of my hand for much of the afternoon.

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