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Heating, Cooling

Arizona heats up in the summer. It's an uncomfortable fact of life, if you live here and happen to be a delicate Alaskan wildflower. As I recall hearing from someone once, I think there may be a law stating that landlords must provide an operational cooling system to the denizens of their apartments once the temperature hits a certain point for a certain length of time (Google tells me that it's a nicely vague "when required by seasonal weather conditions") and technically, this thing is operational.

The thermostat on this thing is a simple dial, with no other switches or toggles or thingamabobbers that are visible to the naked eye, or findable by the naked fingers. The dial goes from Ungodly Cold to Hellaciously Hot (measured in °F), and the theory is that once the temperature hits above or below the specified mark (depending on the season), the fan will engage, and blow air past the pipes (heated by hot water or cooled by cold water, depending on the season), and once the temperature has dropped or climbed (again, depending on the season) to more reasonable levels, the fan disengages and quiet is restored.

Unfortunately, the thermostat seems to not have gotten the memo about it not being winter anymore, and still thinks that it's blowing hot air. In order for the fan to engage, the thermostat must be set to want things higher than the ambient temperature, and no matter how long it blows cold air, it's never going to get any warmer, so once the apartment has reached a reasonable degree of chill, I must manually turn the dial back until the thermostat's preferences hit the ambient temperature and the fan goes off. After that, the apartment can only get warmer, and the thermostat will be happy even if the temperature inside reaches 451°F, because hey, at least I'm not freezing, and that's all the thermostat cares about.

I shall sulk at the office the next time they're open.

My cabinets still aren't up, either.

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