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Sleep of the oppressed masses

I managed to get all the way through work today, despite being dizzy and distinctly non-productive on the phones. I was doing a decent job, but today was one of those days where "decent" wasn't what was needed, "awesome" was needed, and I wasn't doing "awesome" today. I am very good at coaxing reluctant old ladies living by themselves to do the survey in question, even though odds are that they won't make it through the screening portion of the survey, as they probably don't use the products/services in question. But every one of them I can coax to do that, the fewer of them show up as refusals to do the survey, which is why I rock so very hardcore on that particular survey. That, and being able to get 7 in a day from time to time.

I was sitting next to Trader Joe's Queen Monitor today, which was fun. She's always a riot. She wound up swapping booths with the girl who'd originally been sitting next to me (the Big-Eyed Monitor Chick, someone I haven't worked with much) so the Big-Eyed Monitor Chick could sit next to her friend. I've embarked on a campaign to help level up Trader Joe's Queen Monitor's self-esteem about her computer skills, and incidentally also her computer skills, and when she said that she was the least computer-literate person ever, I retaliated with the (possibly apocryphal?) story of the man who carpeted over his cablemodem because the thing was ugly.

Darkside wasn't in when I called, but his mother said hello and wanted to know what was up with me. Sadly, there wasn't very much I could tell her about what was going on, because so much of what's going on right now is far too esoteric for the parents of certain bondmates. I could tell her about work, though, so I did.

Now, it's back to bed with me, for a much-needed nap.

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