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Figment came over to borrow my shower, but wound up helping me finally put my bed together. I've had a full-size futon frame in a box waiting for the past month to be put together, but nothing had ever come of my vague plans to do so until today.

I don't like the instructions that come with Adonis Furniture things. They're not clear, and don't have very good information on where to put things. Figment wound up doing most of the actual work, because I was struck by a very likely heat-and-dehydration-related spaz attack. I wound up realizing that a lot of my expectations on what I am supposed to be able to do, physically, are unrealistic and are based on my father's notorious stubbornness and unrealistic expectations of what he was supposed to be able to do without assistance. Asking for help does not make me weak. I must remember this.

Figment succeeded in saving "You're beautiful" to my memory audio-note-filer. I wasn't as startled as I was for the incident with Darkside.

Figment had a dinner appointment with his parents, and had to leave, so after I recovered from my shakes, I wound up putting the bed the rest of the way together, moving the mattresses out of the corner, re-arranging things slightly to accommodate the new bed, and stacking everything together. The result looks, if not fabulous, at least far more like a bed should traditionally look. I am pleased.

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