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Nothing so far has happened today regarding my 21st birthday, except that David remembered. Good David.

My roommate is either still asleep or just not at school yet.

My best friend is blissfully unaware that I have today turned 21 and are thus dangerous. AM thus dangerous. AM.


I came into school with a sober face this morning, and was promptly subjected to a barrage of cheer-up efforts from my best friend, who has decided that when I am not my normal glowingly happy and giggling self, that something is wrong. I've decided to be amused by this. Today I tried to explain that when I say "Yeah, I'm OK," I mean it; if I should say to him, "I'm fine, Mulder," then everything would not be all right.

"So how's the baby, Scully?" he asked me then. "If I'm Mulder, then you'd be Scully. Yes, I saw that episode too," he said.

I bonked myself on the forehead just then, because I remember how that episode ended. "Ten foot pole," I muttered to myself, and refrained from kissing him.

I think I need to go on another process-hunt. Where did I put those stakes?
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