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*!#^% PMS

The night of the 12th/early morning the 13th, I had nasty PMS, which complicated an otherwise straightforward instance of sleep dep, allergies, and dehydration.

Note that allergies make it difficult for me to breathe. Note that difficulty breathing and dehydration both cause me to have panic attacks. Sleep deprivation makes any bad mood that I have that much worse. PMS puts me on a hair-trigger and makes me that much more likely to snap at people.

In the middle of all this, I experienced computer difficulties.

Figment only noticed me snapping at him once.

Figment probably deserves a medal or something. (Either that, or I've gotten a lot better at leaving my internal state internal, and not betraying bad internal states by being unpleasant externally. Or both.)

It had better be PMS, at least. If I was that irritable and it wasn't PMS, there's a problem that needs fixing.

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