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Elemental Nature

(Reformatted & cropped slightly for comprehensibility)
azurelunatic: Element. Four [valence] electrons. Who am I?
sithjawa: Dude, you could be silicon
azurelunatic: *snork*
sithjawa: Or carbon, tin, lead, or... germanium. Whatever that is.
azurelunatic: I am a germanium geranium! Ooo, lead. Toxic!
sithjawa: Hmm, if you were germanium, you'd be for semiconductors, it says. You would also keep your luster at room temperature.
azurelunatic: oo. Hmm. Maybe I am a transistor?
sithjawa: Maybe.
azurelunatic: (the well water from home had arsenic in it.) Therefore, germanium doped with arsenic! Transistor!
sithjawa: Yup. Can you be used for amplification and voltage stabilization?
azurelunatic: Yes.
sithjawa: Well then, there you have it.

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