Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

One of the Team

Yesterday I was informed in no uncertain terms that I was an official member of the supervisory team at work. Not according to Upper Management, but according to the rest of the supervisory team.

Whenever there's someone new in a workplace, especially a workplace where there are a lot of workers being supervised, and a tight-knit crew of supervisors, it takes some burn-in time for a new person to get accepted. Someone can get promoted, but can always be an outsider, and for a while, it was looking like that might be me.

But yesterday, Rev. Nice Super conclusively demonstrated that I was now a part of the team.

Everybody hassles everybody in my workplace. Not maliciously, or to the point of distress -- Cute Geek Super was giving me a hard time when I was trying to get something in the break cards spreadsheet last night, and I told him that seriously, I was about yea close to the edge, and he sobered up and gave it to me straight -- but enough to make the workplace really interesting.

I first got wind of the fact that I was now "in" when Rev. Nice Super asked me if I could cast spells. Somehow, this wound up degenerating (by Rev. Nice Super's own unique blend of facetious fallacious logic) into the decision that I am clearly and obviously a Satanist. (Those who have not met me may have perhaps gathered that I wear a lot of black. Those who have met me outside of the workplace may not be aware that I almost exclusively wear black to work, to the point where it is commented on when I wear any other color. Me wearing any other color to work usually means either that I am feeling festive for some reason, or that it is laundry day.) This topic came up in debate for the entirety of the rest of the day. I can tell, just by the tone of it, that Satanism is what Rev. Nice Super is going to tease me about unless and until he finds something else that he finds just as fascinating about me to poke at.

Since it's Rev. Nice Super who's in the middle of all this, and because he has that "I'm debating, don't mess with my lack of logic" look on his face when he's doing this, that it's all good. This is not a politically correct workplace.

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