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Ethnicity (and sexuality) in the Workplace

This is not a politically correct workplace. Since we have a reasonably diverse supervisory staff, and we work in a workplace where the clients care about ethnicity in the context of surveys, there's a lot of give and take on subjects that many workplaces might be afraid to even start to bring up.

On Friday, Cute Geek Super, Rev. Nice Super, Skinny Spiky-Haired Super (who hasn't a proper nickname yet), Superman Shirt Super, and probably a few others, were discussing the topic of race on the next census. It was Cute Geek Super's position that since people were really not paying attention to race when falling in love these days, that the next census should probably just have "White" and "Not White" as the categories, because by that time, there would be so many people needing to have "ethnic background" as a multiple-choice question that putting it as a single-choice answer would not make any sense.

And the guys were holding their arms next to each other so Rev. Nice Super could shoot down Cute Geek Super's claim that he was naturally more tan than most white guys. (Rev. Nice Super is black, Cute Geek Super is hispanic, Skinny Spiky-Haired Super is asian, and Superman Shirt Super is white. This is ordinarily of no real importance except in purposes of debate.) Cute Geek Super and Superman Shirt Super turned out to have arms just about the same color, though Cute Geek Super was just a hair paler. In the way that such workplace debates usually do shift focus so no one branch of a topic is beaten down into the ground, the focus next shifted to how people's skin reacts to the sun. Cute Geek Super said that while he just got tanner, the more sun he was exposed to, white guys turned pink and burned first, then tanned.

Superman Shirt Super was going to debate that, based evidently off of the fact that he knew white guys who didn't burn (perhaps himself included), and he thought that enough sun exposure would turn Cute Geek Super's light olive complexion pink instead of darker. He started this off by trying to say, "You don't get much more Caucasian than I am." But Superman Shirt Super is known for the sorts of slips of tongue that even the Rev. Spooner might not have been able to live down. What came out of Superman Shirt Super's mouth, instead, was: "You don't get as much cock, as asian as I am."

That was the conversation-stopper, as the entirety of the supervisory staff wound up helpless with laughter. In addition to being very caucasian, Superman Shirt Super is also very straight, and when guys who are straight and slightly uptight about this say things like that, all pretense of a work ethic is temporarily lost until the laughter gets back under control. The conversation switched to "Great moments in Superman Shirt Super's vocabulary" after everyone picked themselves back up off the floor." He's evidently made no few conversational slips like this, but this was the latest and greatest of them all.

I love my workplace.

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