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Water's going to be off today, 10 am - 1 pm. Too bad that's my Morning Window. (I'm still Up from Last Night, due to my wacked sleep schedule.) I'll be out the door by the time it comes back on, with all good luck. Well, maybe not. But I'll try.

Allergies are still giving me hell if I let the loratadine expire, but I'm doing OK with not letting that happen very often.

This season is horrible on my lips and face. My lips will dry and crack if I'm not reasonably careful, and will definitely chap if I'm not very careful. My skin is in that dreadful limbo that's either too dry or too oily, and so I have to be sure to rinse my face regularly lest it break out, but also put lotion on the lower half lest it do the same thing my lips are threatening.

The floor installation guy was impressed that when he asked if I had any strong booze, that I asked him if that was to use as a solvent. Evidently Jane End-User isn't supposed to know about solvents. And since I saw him moving the stove and scurried to move stuff well out of the way of where he was headed to put it, he got really impressed and wanted to hire me as an assistant. (On inquiry, pay would have been comparable to weekend pay at my current workplace, but under the table, hard physical labor vs. a desk job, and no benefits, so no soap.)

I'm likely to be exceptionally groggy if/when the insurance people show up today.

I did not get very much active-writing-wise done this week, but I did get March and April 2004 read through, and all of March 2003. I'm working on April 2003 now, and then I'll only have March and April 2002 left to do. I need to keep current on that, because when I let it stack up, I don't reboot well, and then I have too much to process at once when I finally do get around to it all.

I think the Dew I had over at trystan_laryssa and dustraven's is keeping me up.

I have thoughts about me being standoffish. I am, a lot more than many people might think. I just don't make a point of it. I haven't been sharing my inner processing with the world because I've been having an inner-circle person to talk about it all to, so I don't talk about it to the public so much anymore.

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