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You know those Dendarii Hillmen jokes? The ones that could really be told about the backcountry residents of almost any District, but mostly it's the Dendarii Hillmen who get picked on? The ones that are devoid of all real ethnic traits, but full of knuckleheadedness?

I use a variable for the ethnicity when telling those jokes, because that lets me share the silly part of the joke without really being mean.

And they tell 'em about instruments too.

My all time favorite $INSTRUMENT joke goes like this:
So this $INSTRUMENT player was driving cross-country, and stopped in at a diner. They were eating, when suddenly, they came to the realization: I left the $INSTRUMENT in the car in plain sight! So they rushed out to the car, but it was too late. Someone had already broken in...

... and left five more.

And I just now heard a new one that I've fallen in love with:
What do you call a pretty girl on a $INSTRUMENT player's arm?

A tattoo.

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