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Things from work today:

Picture this: a man wearing a Spiderman shirt, an eye patch, and a sticker of Spiderman leaping stuck on the eye patch. Superman Shirt Super has been re-named Comic Pirate Super. The eye patch is actually because of some minor surgery to remove something that would have been cancerous if it were allowed to stick around, but it adds to the effect. Since he has a hobby that keeps him in modest amounts of rum and parrots (a hobby having to do with DVDs, a burner, and the barter system, where "barter" is mostly limited to cash money or near equivalents), the nickname's appropriate. Now all he needs is the hat.

Cute Geek Super offered, yesterday, to take amberfox out to dinner if she would only crack the game for him (which offer of his had me in hysterics); he didn't want to mention the bit where "dinner" would be a cheesy fast food joint, and he was trying to downplay the whole "I know I have a girlfriend already, but this is business" angle. I hooted and hollered and pointed out that not only a) still not going to happen, but b) Texas. Cute Geek Super also tried the "A real hacker would do X just to prove s/he could if dared!" angle. I laughed harder.

Today's iteration of the cracking game involved Cute Geek Super cracking into Comic Pirate Super's hotmail account, through the good offices of the Hotmail lost password/reset function, as well as a lot of ham-handed social engineering. I did some Googling and came up with a description of the technique, then explained it to College Chick Shift Ops Super before Cute Geek Super had the account even half cracked.

Cute Geek Super has somewhat fewer general l33tness points than I first imagined; I'm going to have to introduce him to "All Your Base", as well as Strongbad. He's got fewer technical l33tness points as well.

The talk of cracking e-mail accounts turned into pranking e-mail accounts, which turned into subscriptions to gay porn. It's a heartily homophobic crowd there -- I need to liven things up some. I'm thinking a healthy introduction to goatse might be in order -- but alas, is no more as of this writing.

At 7:00pm, the discussion of whether or not Cute Geek Super had ever subscribed to gay porn was going strong, with the two major parties in the discussion being Cute Geek Super and Rev. Nice Super, both doing so at the top of their lungs. There was one problem with this: there was still one phone goon in the room and on the phone. Namely, Figment. After several abortive attempts to shush the combatants, I crept over there and apologized to my poor bondmate, who was almost through with the survey.

I think College Chick Shift Ops Super is catching on to the coincidence that the goofy grins on my face very often happen in association with something Figment-related. Heh. Ah well.

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