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Cracking. A lot of my workplace, you just have to be there for.

(Couldn't sleep. Lungs have decided that breathing is optional, but goo is necessary. So I'm sitting upright until the antihistamines kick in, which should be soon, with any luck.)

After Cute Geek Super cracked into Comic Pirate Super's hotmail account, he started pestering other people for their e-mail addresses so he could crack into different services. He pestered me for mine. I was willing to give out my Hotmail screen name, but not my Yahoo one. And I was adamant on the subject, even though I know that he wouldn't have done more than just go in and announce, "Ta-Da! I'm in!" to the whole group.

Really, it would have been less personal if he'd been pestering to see me naked.

Cute Geek Super really isn't used to someone remaining adamant on anything when he turns on the charm. He's got a decent Mind Whammy on him. I was impressed, but didn't tell him that. Somehow the esoteric does not tend to turn up as a topic of general discussion in the bullpen, though my religion is fair game. (Somehow, even with all the random ethnic and other background diversity going around, I'm still the odd one out, because all the rest look to be part of the Mainstream US TV Culture. Also, I keep the esoteric fairly firmly out of discussions of my religion, though I have indicated that my particular way of doing things has about the same success rate as your standard mainstream prayer. That is to say, you generally have to be looking for it, and some people would say 100%, and some people would say, not at all.)

I indicated to Cute Geek Super that my geek friend who'd refused to help him out may well have been at the computer in the 24 hours following the night partying with co-workers, and had likely checked her e-mail, but whether she'd logged on to "the message board" was something completely different. (Am NOT indicating to him that it's LJ, or even a blog. He'd pry, and that might not be good.) He pouted extensively, but wanted to know if that meant others would be willing to help. I laughed.

I pointed out to Cute Geek Super that honestly, he was more of a cracker than I was. Given that it's a very non-geek workplace, that caused much hooting and hollering. Ordinarily, that's not something that your standard-issue Anglo girl says to your standard-issue Hispanic guy. It was the straight line that led to a hierarchy of crackers being brought up -- first Cute Geek Super, then Rev. Nice Super (Black), then Clone Name Super (Asian), and finally Comic Pirate Super (Anglo).

Rev. Nice Super's contribution to the entire day was the line, "I'm going to take your mother out for a seafood dinner -- and never call her again!" This was applied liberally throughout the day to every imaginable situation and setup. Naturally, when Cute Geek Super said that if my geek chick friend in Texas wasn't into the idea of going out for dinner with him, then she could go with Rev. Nice Super, Rev. Nice Super's commentary on that involved never calling amberfox again.

Ahh, work. How we love thee. How utterly psychotic thou art.

(Do my lungs want to let me go back to sleep now?)

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